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Systemic Thinking

August 16, 2012 in Solutions

When we look at how things are done a question that often arises is “how did this choice or decision get made?”

As we no longer teach much in the way of soft subjects like philosophy most folks have never been trained in different thinking methods. While teaching math, English, chemistry, and the like are important, we have now generated folks who have never been trained in how to think.

This may seem like an odd thing to mention but technical knowledge without a framework for how to apply it isn’t that useful. As our society has become very specialized it is unlikely that our parents printed us with the right thought skills to do many things.

Unfortunately as soft skills are relatively untestable they have been ignored in most curriculums.

Fortunately these skills are learned easily, this is not to suggest that you can instantly learn philosophy but rather that you can learn a set of steps in thinking that make things easier.

This is similar to troubleshooting equipment in which the best technicians apply a step by step process to the problem. While they may no longer be aware that they are using an explicit process they still are doing so.

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