• These days we are barraged by language and comments that sound important and informative yet are mostly meaningless. The idea I am talking about is generalization. A very useful tool in language which allows us to […]

  • We run into a lot of things that are confusing these days.  Issues about energy, health care, and retirement, are a part of this list.  While these are all things we must deal with, paying for them can often be so […]

  • In the last ten years the world has made it clear that Global Warming isn’t something dreamt up by scientists or politicians in an attempt to control what we buy and make us spend more on things we already have. […]

  • This week AP felt the need to write an article about a research project done in Australia and suggest that somehow the research suggested that use of marijuana during teen years resulted in lower IQ later in life […]

  • When we look at how things are done a question that often arises is “how did this choice or decision get made?”

    As we no longer teach much in the way of soft subjects like philosophy most folks have never been […]